Average rating 6,7 / 10 stars
Sonia Laplante
directed by Elissa Down
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writer Shawn Ku



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I have absolutely no idea how I ended up watching this film. I read the one-sentence summary on Netflix, saw the N for Netflix and 2020, and hit play.
This movie was surprisingly really entertaining, fun, and enjoyable.
The story actually made sense, as in, it was written well and properly. The event of the start of the film leads to what happens to the rest of the film and it made sense. I think the movie starts out “weak and superficial” whatever that means, but later the movie becomes truly meaningful and special.
The ending – was great and I could not be happier with it.
Sofia Carson – the protagonist; her acting and dancing skills were immediately apparent and made me curious about the rest of the movie. Her presence carried the film for awhile until the kids took over – they helped the movie really good. The supporting cast helped too.
Brandon Kyle Goodman – great addition to the film. Great acting; excellent character overall. I only wish the kids had had more interaction with him and vice versa.
Wolfgang Novogratz – good acting; good role overall.
Eva Hauge – played Sara; she did great.
*Shaylee Mansfield – played Zuzu; she did great. Just found out she is deaf in real life. In the film she states she can “feel the vibrations” and later when I found out she really is deaf I realized maybe that is why the movie is titled Feel the Beat. At first I thought the title was weak, but after this realization, it only feels right. Loved the addition of sign language throughout the film too. It all makes sense now.
The little kids – I thought they did great overall for their ages. Because of them this is a family-oriented film that can be enjoyed at home with the family.
The guy that plays father to two of the kids and/or Zuzu – could not find his name, but good job; he had a couple good scenes.
Supporting cast – they did fine; some better than others, but overall good enough to deliver a good film.
Music – I personally think that there was a good selection of music. I even added a couple of them to my personal library. For example:
“Always” by Francois Klark. by Sofia Carson at the end of the film)
“A little more” by Alessia Cara
“Us” by Regina Spektor
“Never forgive you” by Brooke Villanyi (21:14 – 21:52)
Director – Elissa Down – great job.
Story writers – Michael Armbruster & Shawn Ku – great job.
Cinematography – Amir Mokri – good job.
Producer – Susan Cartsonis – thank you for helping make the film a reality.
And everyone else who helped make this film – you did a great job.
Conclusion: this was a well-written, fun, entertaining, cute, enjoyable, meaningful, and family movie about kids. It is definitely worth a watch, preferably with the family with kids, or not. Anyone can enjoy this film.

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